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Umbrella company contractor CRB results to go online

Umbrella company contractor CRB results to go online

Last week, Vince Cable laid down the Government’s plan to get rid of some of the bureaucracy associated with Criminal Records Bureau checks.

CRB checks have been the bane of client and contractor alike for some time. The process is time consuming and some people actually lose a job simply because their clearance does not come through quickly enough. For people who need a fresh clearance for every contract, the current system is a cause of major frustration.

The business secretary has now revealed that the results of CRB checks will be accessible online by 2013. As results will be updated in real-time, employers will be able to get up-to-date information at the push of a button.

There is a slight catch, however. An individual’s record will only be updated if a small annual fee has been paid, and the contractor will likely have to be the person to pay it. Admittedly, the new system will put an end to long delays and repeated applications, but is it really necessary for all contractors to be included in the national database?

The plan has largely been welcomed by recruitment agencies. A spokesperson for nursing agency Ambition 24hours explained that a candidate cannot begin a contract with the NHS if their clearance is even one day out-of-date. Hopefully the government will also take action to rid the sector of other unnecessary bureaucracy and administration requirements. Ambition 24hours recognises that compliance is important for patient safety but processes need to be logical and help organisations run smoothly.

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