Umbrella Companies | 7% Of Self Employed Are “Slashies”

7% Of Self Employed Are “Slashies”

“I am a slashie,” said the self employed woman. “I am a self employed chef – slash – blogger – slash – dog walker,” she went on to add.

In other words, there are more and more self employed workers who are doing different jobs to pay the bills.

They have been called “slashies,” although calling it a “portfolio career” or “multi hyphenate career” also seems to have stuck.

So this is 7% of self employed people in the UK who are a slashie, which is approximately 320,500 people.

One self employed worker called Sam Gray from Torquay doesn’t like being called a slashie though. She prefers being called a “jack of all trades” because she is self employed in 5 different jobs/businesses.

She is a self employed private tutor, then she teaches crochet, and then she sells patterns online, and then she works security for a nightclub, and then she has her own dog grooming business. It all sounds a bit tiring to us here at Umbrella Companies.

Personally we prefer to be a master of one rather than jack of all trades. We just focus on having the best self employed blog that is loved by our readers around the world.

Some people have suggested we should become a slashie.

“Hey UC, why don’t you be a self employed blog/umbrella selling site?” said one reader.

Our reply – “We DO NOT sell umbrellas and we NEVER will. We won’t start selling them just because it is now trendy to become a slashie. Even though April is prime time for umbrellas…you WON’T EVER find us selling them…umbrellas that is.”

Back to the slashie story, and it appears that while some self employed people are doing it out of necessity (they need more money), many are doing it because they enjoy taking on different roles.

I’m sure it is quite enjoyable…doing a bit of private tutoring in the morning, before checking your ebay account to see if you have sold any patterns, and then spending the afternoon teaching crochet, before getting changed and then heading off to the nightclub for a shift…and then making it back home in the early hours to groom a couple of dogs. Get a few hours sleep and then rinse and repeat.

Enjoyable? Yes, but Tiring? Absolutely! In fact, it sounds exhausting. So much so that here at UC we are heading off for an afternoon nap after reading about all of these slashies and their hectic days.

Until next time…

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