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Are Gig Worker Wages CRIMINAL?

Your typical image of a criminal is someone who slips through your side window at night and nicks your television. There are other criminals though.

Take the gig economy as an example. Many experts are saying that gig worker wages are “CRIMINAL” and those who pay them are criminals.

They say these companies are just using gig working as a way to pay their workers less and put them on shoddy contractors which is basically slave labour.

It is is estimated that around 50% of gig workers over the age of 25 are making less than minimum wage.

In other words, they would be better off getting a job at McDonalds and flipping burgers under the watchful eye of Ronald.

Ronald always makes sure his workers get a nice pocket of cash at the end of the week, which is in stark contrast to what is happening in the gig economy.

Experts have also found out that around 2 million gig workers are paid below £7.83 an hour, when all said and done, which is basically daylight robbery according to many pundits.

These gig workers have been described as having “insecure” and “casual” jobs, while at the same time being on zero hour contracts.

One expert had this to say about the situation – “Self-employment can be a great option, but it’s clear that it’s not working for everyone, with millions of self-employed workers stuck on poverty pay.”

My opinion? I reckon there might be some truth to this whole situation, especially if employees are being lured into gig working with one contract and then having the rug pulled out on them a few months later.

It happens all the time, and in those type of situations I say the companies should be prosecuted because they are breaking the law and exploiting the workers.

However, if you are a gig worker who willingly signed up for a contract and nothing has changed in the contract…then in my opinion you have nothing to complain about.

If you are not currently making the kind of money you want then look for other “gigs” or go and do something different. It really is as simple as that, if you ask me.

You could even go down your local McDonalds and ask to see Ronald. Sure, he is a stern but fair taskmaster, but he pays you well for your sweat (as long as it doesn’t fall in the burgers) and the chance for promotion and more money is always a possibility at McDonalds.

Please Note: We have not been paid by McDonalds and this is not promotional blog post.

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