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Best City For Contractors? The Answer is Here…

Have you ever wondered what is the best city for contractors and freelancers? Well, you are in the right place, because right here we have the answer.

The answer is Manchester, that Northern city in England which is famous for such things like Manchester United football club and Oasis the rock and roll band.

“Alright me kid,” is the kind of slang you will hear on the streets of Manchester…although you won’t find many Manchester United fans.

It was the Global Liveability Index of 2018 which came to the conclusion that Manchester is the place to be, right now, for UK contractors.

Why? One such reason is because of the networking scene in the city, where contractors can meetup with other contractors and potential clients, in the bars and clubs in the city centre.

“Party all night and work all day,” is the motto in this scene, and if you are young, rich and ambitious, it is the kind of scene where you want to be.

Kind of like the swinging sixties in London…only this is Manchester…and it is 2018.

It doesn’t matter if you are an IT contractor or financial contractor, you can find a job around every corner in the city of Manchester.

And if you can’t find a job? Then just hit the bars and clubs and become part of the scene. There really is no substitute for networking and making those contacts.

You can even find Manchester contractor groups on Facebook (if you are not yet in the city) or simply head to Eventbrite and look for networking events that are upcoming in the next few weeks and months.

Accommodation in Manchester is significantly cheaper than London, as well as shared office spaces (which are found around the city).

You could easily work from your 1 bedroom flat in the morning and then head to a shared office space in the afternoon, and then…out to the bars and clubs to network in the evening.

Manchester has everything for the UK contractor, no matter what your level of expertise or experience.

Other cities mentioned as being good for contractors and freelancers were Southampton, Bristol, Newcastle, Swansea, Nottingham, and Inverness.

If you are currently living in a city or town that has not been mentioned on this page, then my advice is to move…ASAP!

Don’t hang around in those boring places. You want to be involved in the UK contractor scene of 2018.

Also, make sure you get yourself a good accountant. You can find accountants in Manchester. There is no problem with that. Or you can find our recommended accountants right here on this website.

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