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Contractors and Freelancers – Get Paid Instantly, Every Time

Working for yourself is a great experience. You are the boss. What isn’t great is when you don’t get paid. Nobody likes that.

Why do some clients avoid their payment obligations anyway? Is it because you did lousy work? Not at all, and in fact, the vast majority of contractors and freelancers do great work time and time again.

So you deserve to be compensated for this great work, and you deserve to be compensated…fast.

Not tomorrow, not next week, and not next next month…and definitely not next year. If you are still chasing up invoices a year after you have done the work then something went wrong. It needs fixing.

That is why contractors and freelancers in the UK took notice when the invoicing software “Freshbooks” recently announced a new partnership with “Microsoft.”

More specifically, “Microsoft Pay,” which according to Freshbooks will join forces with their software.

What does this mean for you…the frustrated contractor and freelancer who just wants to get paid what you are owed?

Quite simply, it means that non and late paying clients will no longer have an excuse. They can no longer say “the cheque is in the post,” or “can you break a £100?” No more!

Thanks to the force of Freshbooks and Microsoft coming together, what you can now expect is clients who pay your invoices right from their inbox. All it takes is a few clicks. It can even be done from their smartphone. No more excuses.

“Microsoft is excited to collaborate with innovative companies like Freshbooks that understand how their small business customers can benefit by enabling streamlined payment experiences through Outlook and Microsoft Pay,” said a spokesperson for Microsoft.

We have mentioned Microsoft before right here on this blog of course. Who can forget the news story about Bill Gates wanting to tax the robots? It was headline news, at the time.

Well, it now seems that Bill Gates is making headlines again, only this time he wants to make sure contractors and freelancers get the money they deserve.

No doubt Mr Gates is planning for a future where contractors and freelancers are robotic in nature. He wants to make sure they get paid, so they are able to pay their taxes.

“The robot wants his money, but I’m not going to pay him,” the client might say.

“Oh wait…he wants paying with Microsoft pay…directly from my email. There is nowhere left to hide.”

The client then pays in full with a few simple clicks and the robotic contractor is satisfied.

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