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Demand for Self Employed Electricians is Strong

It was feared self employed electricians were hitting a slump. Pay was down in January, and February was not looking bright.

Doom and gloom was the mood in the self employed electrician community, but it was all a big brew-haha about nothing.

Despite having a slight slump in January, the pay for electricians was up £108 per week in February.

According to Hudson Contracts this puts the pay for self employed electricians back to the average of £1124 per week.

In the East of England and West Midlands is where self employed electricians are raking it in, to the tune of £1400 a week. That is a nice piece cash, no doubt.

Unfortunately not everywhere in the UK is a safe haven for self employed electricians. In the South West to be exact, where the average weekly pay went from £761 a week in January to £644 in February.

“OUCH,” is all we can say here at UC. If you live in the South West, then you might want to consider a move to the East or West Midlands.

Most places in the UK is looking very good though, which is why we are confident to announce that demand for self employed electricians is strong, and will be for the rest of the year.

Do you what else the demand is strong for? Umbrellas.

How do we know? Because people keep on contacting us and asking about them.

“Give me wholesale price on umbrella. Thx,” said one message.

“Do you offer same day delivery? They forecast rain this afternoon,” said another message.

For the absolute last time…We DO NOT sell umbrellas!!

Ok we understand that April showers is just around the corner and demand is very strong at this time of the year, and we also understand that selling umbrellas could be a very profitable side business for the UC…but that doesn’t mean we are going to start selling them.

You are in the WRONG place for umbrellas. And that is the last thing we ever say about umbrellas.

Here at Umbrella Companies we are all about serving the self employed community in the UK and around the world.

We have a small but loyal following from self employed electricians in the UK and a small but loyal following from self employed bookkeepers in Malta.

Everybody is loving the UC and we will keep on pumping out the content that keeps you coming back again and again.

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