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Field Service Techs Must Embrace Gig Economy, Say Experts

The field service tech industry has long been traditional and set in its ways. There has always been a set way of doing things, until now…

Things are changing, all around this country of ours, and if field service techs don’t adapt to this change then expect to get left behind.

This is the opinion of many experts, who are observing everything from their watchtowers. They have the insight to know exactly where the industry is heading.

“Straight to the gig economy,” is what one expert said, as they have seen changes in how companies employ field service technicians .

Back in the day they would hire you full time or on a lengthy contract. These days companies are looking more for field service technicians who can work on day to day basis.

Sure, you might have preferred the comfort of a cushy job that paid you for turning up and putting your feet up…but those days are now over. Welcome to the gig economy age.

Not everybody is convinced of the viability of this gig economy. Some pundits have suggested that a doomsday type of scenario will eventually happen, where the economy will collapse and anarchy is the name of the game in the streets…all because of the gig economy.

I’m not so sure. I’m more inclined to believe the experts who say the gig economy is good for field service technicians, but only if you are prepared to go with the flow and get with the program.

In other words, do whatever you need to do to embrace the gig economy and get the right jobs. If you do this then expect to be very much in demand.

However, if you drag your heels and kick up a fuss…constantly moaning about how the gig economy isn’t fair and that type of thing, then expect to quickly become a dinosaur in the field service tech industry.

Instead, you might want to get on the same page as 3500 employed people who were surveyed recently, and out of those, there was 81% who said they valued the importance of flexible working.

They have no problem working hour by hour, day by day, and week by week. They get up each morning and look forward to being a part of the gig economy.

“Show me the gigs,” they say.

If you have the same attitude then expect to be richly rewarded over the next few years. You can proudly call yourself a 21st century field service technician and move boldly forward where no field service tech has been before.

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