Gig Economy Workers – You Are Losing £344 a Month!

What would you do if you caught a pickpocket trying to sneakily pull £344 in cash out of your pocket? Turn round and punch him, maybe.

Nobody wants to get robbed and nobody wants to be treated unfairly, but that is exactly what gig workers in the UK are facing right now.

A new report has warned that low income gig economy workers are now faced with the challenge of losing money, and it’s all to do with something experts are calling “Minimum Income Floor.”

“Take me to the Minimum Income Floor” is something that no-one said ever when entering a building, but it appears that thousands are now at risk of going directly to the basement down below…far away from the luxury of the floors that are up above.

It may even lead to many gig workers setting up shop in their parents basement. “It’s all because of the minimum income floor,” they would say when asked why they are dwelling in the cellar.

What appears to be happening is that once a gig workers profits drop below minimum wage then they will no longer be eligible for higher welfare payments.

“Where are my welfare payments?” gig workers are already shouting.

“GONE,” is the one word response from a cold and calculating government.

Some pundits are saying that we are on the right track here and that it encourages gig workers to actually have a profitable business, which means less reliance on the state.

On the other hand, there are critics out there who say that many gig workers will now wonder if self employment is even worth the time and effort. Better off jobless then.

The Office for Budget Responsibility have also chimed in on the subject, basically saying that we can expect to see 432,000 gig workers lose out on £2927 per year by the year 2023.

Might as well get down your local job centre, is my advise.

Let’s face it, if you can’t become profitable as a self employed gig worker then that might want to consider a different career option.

Sure, going out on your own in the gig economy is not easy and most people find it tough going at first.

In my opinion it is all about survival of the fittest, and those who are going to be successful will find a way to do just that.

Don’t get me wrong…help from the government can be a good thing for some people in certain situations, but if you want to be self employed then eventually it has to be all on YOU. It is your business after all.

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