Industry body launches umbrella company sector survey

A major trade industry body has taken it upon itself to launch a major survey of the umbrella company sector to determine its scope and value.

The organisation behind the new measure, the Freelancer and Contractor Services Association, says its interested in collecting as much data on umbrella company contractors and their companies as they possibly can. One of the main reasons behind this new study is to show once and for all to British policymakers that yes, umbrella company contractors make serious contributions to the economy – and that they deserve some more representation in Westminster.

Julia Kermode, the FCSA’s chief executive, said that it’s obvious that politicians and the Government aren’t exactly keen to recognise how much the umbrella contracting sector contributes to the UK’s economic prosperity. The survey is, in essence, a way to deliver reliable figures to naysayers and those turning their noses up at umbrella contracting in order to make them sit up and take notice.

This is why it’s so important for as many umbrella companies as possible to participate in the study, Kermode said. The more the merrier of course, but also the more complete amount of data that can be collected the more sway the survey’s results will have over those pillocks in Westminster who sometimes couldn’t find their arse with both hands.

Honestly I’m all for this new initiative. For what it’s worth, the Government most definitely doesn’t spend much time thinking about how it can help freelancers and contractors, even though these same self-employed Brits are the backbone of the British economy. It’s bloody frustrating to have to do all the work and get none of the credit, and it’s about time that someone did something about it!

I can only hope that this new survey ends up gathering some absolutely fantastic data and that it’s used to finally get some support for the nation’s hard-working umbrella contractors. It’s not exactly an easy life; while you may have the advantage of flexibility, contractors do have to scramble to ensure that they find their own clients. Without a steady pay cheque every month, it can be a thankless and stressful way to work – and contractors need more support to make their lives better!

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