IT Contracting Market back to “Pre-referendum”

As we are all aware, the UK voting to leave the European Union had a massive effect on the economy, not to mention the value of the Pound Sterling.

The good news is that things might just be starting to change, especially when it comes to the IT contracting market where thousands of umbrella contractors are currently offering their skills in order to pay the bills.

Initial forecasts predicted IT contractors would take a hit post-brexit, and although there was an initial downturn (as with just about everything) recent reports have suggested that contracting in the IT sector is back to where it was “pre-referendum” with many opportunities now available

More specifically, there has been a huge amount of positions being advertised recently in areas such as information security, gaming, digital marketing, Java and mobile technology, as many companies look to put themselves right on the edge of performance so they can make the most money possible.

I think IT contractors will always be in demand no matter what the economy is doing, mainly because technology keeps moving forward and we always need the skills to cope with that.

Computers are such an integral part of everyday life now…where would everyone be without the people that program them, build the software, and sort out repairs at a moments notice? Virtually every industry would be in chaos.

For this reason, I really believe that IT contractors should be doing more to negotiate better pay deals for themselves. We’ve spoken before about how many contractors in this area have struggled with understanding their contracts and why they are reluctant to ask for what they really want in regards to pay and benefits. Perhaps now is the time for many of these IT professionals to come forward and get what they are owed? They sure have earned it.

All of this has been confirmed by Kevin Green, chief executive of the REC who commented “the IT jobs market returned to pre-referendum in August as the initial shock of the vote result subsided.”

Yes, we were all shocked Kevin, as no-one really expected the UK population to vote out of Europe. There is is still a long way to go until we start to see everything get back on track, especially the value of the pound sterling against the Euro and Dollar, but in the end I’m sure everything will get back to normal.

At the end of the day, it just takes one action to get things moving, and that one action could very well be the IT contracting market re-emerging as a force to be reckoned with once again.

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