North-west has curious mix of contractors in demand

In news that shows just how queer the employment sector can be, a new report shows the most in-demand roles in the north-west of England as of late.

A recruitment firm recently released the data from a jobs market analysis, revealing that the workers most in demand at the moment are accounting, welding and cleaning contractors. The latter, especially in the north-west, are incredibly high in demand, with construction umbrella contractors a close second.

Apparently the last few months has seen a substantial shortage of cleaning contractors that hold a construction skills certification scheme (CSCS) card. Around 8 out of 10 building sites have it a requirement for their contractors to be in possession of a CSC card, so anyone who works for themselves and has the certification is the belle of the ball, beating off suitors with a stick – at least in the north-west anyway.

Many of the other most-valued contractors in the region also tend to be highly specialised. MIG welders are thin on the ground in the region, especially with demand going through the roof, so if you’re a freelancer or an umbrella company contractor with this expertise you’re likewise going to be able to take your pick of the litter when it comes to the best, most advantageous, and most lucrative contracts. Well done, you!

Of course if you’re better at maths than welding, you’re not left out in the cold – not by any account. Every firm out there is likely to need help sorting its finances and accounts, so if you’re a contractor with experience in the financial services sector you’re also going to be able to choose from any number of roles when it comes to temporary work. If you’;re a payroll specialist, you’re in even better shape – the north-west is absolutely hurting for this particular financial services expert, so if you’re already living in the region, or you’re willing to travel for work, you’ll be in great shape.

Of course, with the travel & subsistence tax relief reform that was just pushed through a few months ago, it might be more cost-effective to just move to the region if you don’t mind relocating. Constant travel to and from the north-west is going to diminish your earnings significantly without T&S relief, and you might have a devil of a time qualifying under the new rules put forth by HM Revenue & Customs recently!

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