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Only 14% of Self Employed Saving Into Pension

Here at Umbrella Companies we talk a lot about self employed pensions. And for good reason, because most of you ignore it.

The more we shout, the more you cover your ears. So what is it going to take, eh? Just what is it going to take in order to get you saving into a pension for your retirement?

How about involvement from the government? Well, they recently did an official survey and they came up with a figure of 14%.

Yes, you read that right. Only 14% of self employed people are saving into a pension right now. This comes directly from the horses mouth…the Department of Work and Pensions, to be exact.

They even produced a nice looking graph to show us exactly how bad things have got for the self employed.

In the graph, the dark blue bar represented the self employed, while the light blue bar represented employees.

Guess which bar was riding high? Yes, you guessed it…

The Light Blue Bar!

On the other hand, the dark blue bar was laying low at only 14%, and when compared side by side with the light blue bar it was like comparing a big potato with a small potato.

So which one are you being today? Are you a big potato or a small potato? Because let me tell you, if you don’t get your self employed pension sorted sooner rather than later, then my friend, you are a small potato.

Listen: Don’t think we are getting on to you here and giving you a load of hassle. That isn’t our game. In fact, we don’t really care if you have a pension or not. It doesn’t matter to us here at UC one way or another.

However, we are well aware that many of you self employed freelancers and contractors are just not aware of the self employed pension thing. You have no clue. You know nothing at all.

As one of the most well known sites in the UK, we feel it is our duty here at Umbrella Companies to at least educate you somewhat on the ins and outs of the pension thing, and even give you a bit of motivation to get started and take action.

That is all we can do though. Now the choice is yours. You can take what we say as gospel or you can take it with a grain of salt. You can even choose to ignore us completely

Make no mistake about it. Here at UC we will continue to toot the self employed pension horn now and again. Eventually the penny will drop.

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