Umbrella Companies | Over 6 Million Self Employed in UK

Over 6 Million Self Employed in UK

The boom time for self employment is right now as recent figures show that over 6 million people in the UK are working for themselves.

Not only that, but the figures also show that 6% of workers in full time employment are planning to go down the self employment route in 2018.

Why the sudden gold rush for self employment? Experts are claiming it has a lot to do with the gig economy, which has led to a shift in the UK job landscape where people can do the kind of jobs they want in a flexible manner.

19% of self employed workers class themselves as a “gig worker,” and of those, there was 71% who commented that flexible working hours was the main reason why they decided to get rid of the job and say hello to working for themselves

Another 47% said they wanted to become a gig worker because they could work part time and still make a decent amount of cash.

This is perfect for people who want to combine having a family and bringing home the bacon, so to speak.

You can get the kids ready for school and then drive them directly to the school gates, before going back home and working for a few hours as a “gig worker,” and then pick the kids up in the afternoon, and make them some dinner, before going back to your role as self employed gig worker in the evening.

You can have it all…if you really want it.

The competition will be getting more fierce though, because a new report suggests nearly 2 million people are going to enter the gig economy over the next 12 months. They all want a piece of the pie, which means current gig workers will have to up their game.

Right now you can have your cake, and it eat it too. In 12 months time you might have to share it.

That very same report also suggested even more people would like the idea of firing their boss and joining the gig economy, but, many were put off from taking the plunge because they didn’t know how to network, connect with prospective clients and process payments.

Also, they were reluctant to leave behind a guaranteed salary and move forward into the uncertainty of self employment.

Another 55% mentioned they felt the gig economy didn’t offer enough protection for workers and said that if the government announce new legislation for hourly rates and payment schedules for workers…then they would be ready to hop onboard the gravy train.

One thing is for sure. No matter what happens over the next 12 months the self employed scene in the UK will continue to be the “in place” for those who want to make a lot of money and be their own boss.

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