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Self Employed in the EU (And Lovin It)

There are approximately 228 million people working in the EU, and around 32 million of those are self employed people.

Just like you. They work for themselves. They work from home and they work from an office. They hire accountants and they pay their tax.

So that is 14% of workers in the EU who are classed as self employed but are they lovin it? In other words, are they satisfied with their work?

In EU member states such as Sweden, Malta and Denmark, the answer is YES.

Yes they are lovin it, with over 80% of the self employed workers in those 3 countries reporting they just love their work and their self employed status.

A quick glance over another 21 member states within the EU and we see a picture of somewhere in between.

Some countries are lovin it a bit…saying they enjoy their self employed work.

Some countries are not lovin it as much…saying their self employed work is so so.

Do you know where they are really not lovin it within the EU? In Romania to be exact, where only 19% of their nations self employed expressed any kind of love at all.

Maybe the self employed workers of Romania want more opportunity, more cash, or to work less hours? I’m not sure exactly, but what I do know is that things can only get better.

I also know that the Umbrella Companies Blog does have a small but loyal following in Romania.

They are “lovin” the UC. You can be sure of that.

Guess what? We have not received one single email from Romania asking about Umbrellas. Maybe it doesn’t rain that much in Central/Eastern Europe, or maybe they are not obsessed with Umbrellas like the British are.

Only last week we got another letter from a British reader who wanted to enquire about windproof umbrellas.

If we had them in stock, then she wanted one in green and one in blue.

For the last time…we DON’T sell Umbrellas!

Back to the EU and countries such as Bulgaria, Portugal, and Cyprus are siding with Romania and expressing their dissatisfaction at self employment in their respective countries and the EU in general.

Here in the UK we won’t have to bother about the EU for much longer of course. We voted to leave the EU and now we are just waiting for our fine politicians to carry out the will of the people and do their job. I’m sure they will have it all sorted soon enough…

It doesn’t matter if you are part of the EU or not. Everybody is invited to read Umbrella Companies on a weekly basis.

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