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SMEs need experienced management

New research from the FSB says that small firms need experienced individuals in leadership roles – a clarion call for self-employed management types.

Work as a consultant, a freelance manager, or an umbrella company contractor in a related field? Do you simply have shedloads of experience in a given sector with a proven track record of leading teams of workers to victory? Well, the Federation of Small Businesses just discovered that SMEs are looking for individuals with highly-developed management and leadership skills, so this could be your lucky day.

The newly-published FSB report discovered that there’s a lack of good leadership potential amongst SMEs in the UK, with only three out of every five small business owners taking the time and energy to keep abreast of their business skills by seeking to update their knowledge once a year. What’s even better – for experienced managers looking for work, at least – is that one out of every four SME owners don’t engage in any sort of continuing education when it comes to leadership and management at all. In other words, there’s a massive untapped reservoir of potential positions out there just begging to be filled.

So why would an SME owner even bother with bringing on a management consultant though, especially if they seem to be getting on without too much trouble otherwise? It’s simple: investing in management skills for the average small business can lead to massive gains, according to the FSB’s research. In other words, contracting in someone with excellent leadership skills can lead to increased efficiency and even some rather positive growth for any SME – especially ones with permanent staff that are lacking in these areas.

Think I’m just blowing smoke up your arse? Well the FSB’s research found that less than one out of every five small businesses trains their own staff in proper management skills. Part of the problem is often financial, with budgetary constraints making it impossible to hire on a skilled and experienced manager in a permanent role; 43 per cent of SMEs said that it was a lack of money that led to them not seeking out skilled management types for their firm. However, with freelancers and umbrella contractors a much more affordable alternative, an SME owner would have to be mad not to take advantage of one.

So let’s hope British SME owners are reading this new research and decide to do the right thing in regards to helping their firm grow more efficient and profitable – all the while employing additional contract workers in the management field!


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