Umbrella Companies | Uber Sued Over New “Gig” Contractor Law

Uber Sued Over New “Gig” Contractor Law

In the State of California one thing they need is the humble taxi. It takes movie stars from their million dollar mansions to the Hollywood sets, as an example.

In California one thing they don’t need so much is an umbrella. The sun shines day after day, and Hollywood Stars stay in their trailer if it does rain for a brief moment.

So you can see why a “taxi” company such as Uber is very successful in Hollywood, while an umbrella company would quickly go bankrupt.

However, with success comes legal problems, and with the new gig contractor law just being passed in California, many of the people who work for Uber are deciding to sue and take them to court.

Just like one driver called Angela McRay, who has filed legal action against Uber for treating her as a contractor or gig worker…while instead she should have been treated like an employee.

Do you know who I wish we could sue here at Umbrella Companies? Those pesky people who write in and ask about buying umbrellas!!

We have said so many times that “WE DO NOT SELL UMBRELLAS” and I wish we could make it law that nobody can ever mention the UC and umbrellas in the same sentence ever again.

We are even thinking about making the move away from the UK and towards somewhere like California. Away from the “umbrella” harassment we have been subjected to over the last few years.

“Hey, UC, are you not just acting like a special snowflake who is getting triggered over nothing?” I’m sure some of you are wanting to ask us.

“Maybe we are, but then I’m sure we would be right at home in Hollywood with all the movie stars who are constantly getting triggered. I would be happy to join them, and get paid like them, all with the Hollywood hills in the background.”

Anyway, we are getting away from the BREAKING NEWS about Uber.

And despite being sued by one of their drivers, they have declined to comment.

Many experts are suggesting this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to contractors and gig workers who are going to sue companies such as Uber in California.

There are currently hundreds of thousands of contractors and gig workers in California. If some of them start to smell the potential money on the horizon for launching a lawsuit, then we can expect to see many more in the near future.

Earlier this year Uber paid 20 million dollars to settle a 6 year old lawsuit, and if they lose this current lawsuit then they could be paying out millions more.

Will the same happen here in the UK? Let’s wait to find out.

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