Umbrella contractors enjoying their summer more?

Whether you work around the clock or it just feels like you do, it might be time for a break – and this year more Brits are enjoying their summer holidays.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a permanent employee, a freelancer, or an umbrella company contractor; eventually you need a bit of a break to revitalise yourself and actually enjoy the good life you’ve been working tirelessly to achieve. Granted the economy isn’t exactly in the most stable of positions, and that leads many workers to put off taking their summer hols , but things are getting better: this year, some 63 per cent of British workers of all stripes say they plan to take a bit of time off this summer according to a recent study. This is a jump of 11 percentage points when compared to similar research undertaken just a year ago.

Industry experts say this is proof positive that the economic recovery has finally taken hold in a major way, and for what it’s worth I’m inclined to agree. British workers are an astute and almost preternaturally aware lot. Much like any other finely-tuned herd animal if there’s danger in the air they’re likely to stampede – but when times are good you’ll see them relax and enjoy themselves like they deserve. This is obviously one of those times, and I for one am quite happy to hear that so many hard working Brits feel they can afford to take a few days off and enjoy themselves. Even if they’re not planning on going abroad or something similar, having some time to spend with the family at home can be just what you need to recharge your batteries and have you feeling revitalised and regenerated when you step foot back in the office.

Let’s face it, after all: we all know what happens when you have all work and no play. Some time off is good for the soul, and not only that it makes workers much more productive to know they’ve earned some time off and they’ll be able to take a nice long absence from the office. Even if you absolutely adore your job, you’ll need a break now and then to stay sane, and for many Brits that’s just what the summer hols are all about. So go on, get out there, take the kids down to the funfair or the beach. Take the wife (or husband) on a romantic getaway to Majorca. Enjoy yourselves and you’ll be much happier when you come back to work in a week or so.

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