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“Universal Credit” – Protestors Take to the Streets!

Anger is in the air. The reason? Because of “universal credit,” that is why. Hundreds are taking to the streets and the internet in protest.

Who exactly? A coalition of self employed people, Unions and charities. They are not happy…not happy at all.

Why? In their opinion this “universal credit” will make contractors, freelancers, gig workers, and small business owners WORSE off.

How much worse? They reckon it’s going to be £2500 a year, that a self employed person will be losing, on average.

Apparently someone who is self employed and making £12,500 a year will receive £2500 less than an employed person making the same amount.

According to the protestors, this is because of something called “minimum income floor,” which was also recently introduced by the government.

Do you know what? I’ve reported about this minimum income floor before, right here on this very blog. Look it up to find out more information about this whole saga.

Anyway…because low income self employed people will be subjected to “minimum income floor” and their employed low income counterparts WON’T…in the opinion of the protestors this is just downright injustice.

The kind of injustice that warrants some hand written signs no doubt.

“Minimum income Bore,” one sign could read.

“NOT Universal,” another sign might say.

“I am here to protest against universal credit and the minimum income floor and I think it is unfair against self employed people while employed people get off scott free and continue to rake in the cash while self employed people do not get the cash,” someone else might write on a sign.

One thing is for sure…these protestors are going to make their voices heard.

On the streets of Inverness…to the streets of Fife…and then on to the streets of Newcastle, before heading on further down south to Southampton. We are going to hear their voice.

Will they hear it loud and clear at the government HQ? Who knows for sure. There are many critics who suggest people like Philip Hammond live in a bunker and only come out when it is time to “stick it” to the average self employed worker.

They may be right, although people power has won the day before against Mr Hammond. Maybe it can win again? Possibly.

I think he has learned his lesson though and will protect himself from the onslaught of banners and chants by staying in his bunker.

“Hammond the Hermit,” is what one sign could read during the protest.

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